PhD studentships April 2017/September 2017

Manchester icon Greater Manchester

Connected Health Cities is a government-funded programme that aims to create “learning health systems” across north England by harnessing data that is routinely captured by health services, applying advanced data analytics methods, and feeding the results back to clinicians, patients, public health professionals, and other stakeholders in the health service; in order to deliver better outcomes for patients and communities.

The Greater Manchester Connected Health City (GM CHC; one of four funded) will establish a learning health system across Greater Manchester, enabling the trusted re-use of healthcare data, efficient data preparation and big data analytics, with results implemented and actioned back in the NHS. In order to do this we work across many stakeholder groups including NHS Trusts and industry to develop an infrastructure that supports data sharing and analysis, public engagement and liaison with governing bodies to define an appropriate ethical and governance framework, development of new methodologies to analyse health data and communicate findings with relevant groups.

The GM CHC programme focuses on three clinical exemplars to develop and test its methodology:

  • reduction of overprescribing of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance
  • acute and post-acute care for patients with stroke
  • community wound care

PhD student on this programme  are hosted at The University of Manchester in a thriving research environment alongside students in the Health eResearch Centre (HeRC) as well as a wider Connected Health Cities PhD network.

This provides an opportunity to transfer knowledge between institutions and with external collaborators including the NHS, industry partners and other academic institutions. Supervisors have been drawn from across the GM programme and the projects align with the learning health systems concept.