Spin-in Lab

Group CHC Hub

The Spin-in Lab is an innovation environment to build partnerships between industry, NHS, and Connected Health Cities to accelerate the development of digital health technologies. This model enables companies to develop, test and validate digital health products and services using real-world health data and access to domain specific data analytics capabilities and expert advice on the design and development of their ideas.

The most recent Spin-in Lab project is a collaboration between Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO), Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and Greater Manchester Connected Health City to support a research and innovation project advancing the automation of coding diagnoses from digital clinical text. The focus of this work is on retrospective coding of a rich collection of clinical data in order to:

●  Obtain deeper digital phenotyping for clinical epidemiology

●  Enable health systems to learn from structured data to adapt of clinical workflows

●  Increase the coding of health issues to demonstrate the advantages of a well-coded patient record

To find out more about the GM CHC Automated Coding project, please click here