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The Pre-Competitive Collaborative Consortium (PCCC) worked in a collective manner tackling issues that limit the adoption and scale up of ICT innovations within the NHS.

The health ICT industry is a vital partner to support CHC in achieving its mission. CHC launched an industry consortium for the health ICT sector, the Pre-Competitive Collaborative Consortium (PCCC), in November 2017. Prior to its launch, the consortium was carefully crafted with the combined efforts of -CHC’s large stakeholder expertise – including clinical, academic and industry recognition and input the consortium was carefully crafted – to ensure it would deliver valuable, relevant insights to all its members and bring benefits to the NHS.

The objective of the PCCC has been to tackle common (pan-industry and NHS-wide) problems in health technology research, innovation, procurement, delivery and sustainability, focusing on the north of England as the co-creation environment for possible solutions. The PCCC is a collaboration between industry, health service and academia, serving as a trusted eco-system for the public-private sharing of insights into better opportunities for the deployment of eHealth, pHealth and mHealth products and services, and how to overcome the barriers to sustainable adoption and scale-up.

The PCCC reached a membership of 21 ICT companies (listed below), ranging from micro SMEs through to large multi-Internationals, formalised through signed Heads of Terms and governed by a Management Board (comprised of equal representation from industry members and all four regions of the CHC, chaired by the CHC Hub director).

The PCCC prioritised two work streams tackling two key industry challenges to successful innovation.

  • Sustainability: Championing change and adoption of innovation

Working with NHS and academic change champions to define and promote the success factors that embed innovations within NHS culture and workflows, so that initial ICT pilots are more likely to be sustained as procurements and result in definitive adoption of the innovation.

  • Transferability: Evidencing the benefits of innovation

Working with early adopter sites to capture marketable metrics of value: a kind of kite-mark of trustworthy and relevant benefit indicators that would help convince subsequent NHS organisations to take on the ICT innovation rather than to insist on undertaking their own pilot starting from scratch. The kite mark indicator areas cover health outcomes, financial, technical maturity and policy alignment.

The PCCC is running until March 2019, when it will close in its present form. After this date, if you wish to get in contact with us, get in touch via our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Listed below were the 21 member companies of the consortium.


Aridhia  builds and operates the AnalytiXagility Research as a Service software platform since 2014, a trusted, secure, self-service, cloud-enabled digital research environment for biomedical, precision medicine and healthcare researchers. Available from three international hubs  AnalytiXagility accelerates clinical research into clinical practice as it delivers secure anytime, anywhere collaborative analytics to collaborative research teams across organisational and geographical boundaries.  AnalytiXagility has been selected as the core digital research and innovation platform by a number of notable research organisations including Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, the Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre, and Radboud University Medical Centre, as well as supporting prestigious research programmes including the European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia collaboration and the Leeds based, Horizon 2020 funded, Advocate project.

Aridhia joined the PCCC as we have extensive experience of delivering an open innovation platform that connects healthcare research and healthcare data across organisations, countries, the NHS, academia and industry and all within an SLA backed operational delivery model. We’ve addressed and solved many of the challenges a CHC Ark will encounter and feel our experience will be invaluable in connecting the cites of Northern England.


Assentian is an independent information security, data privacy and governance specialist, with a unique approach to providing holistic security management solutions. We work with clients across both the public and private sectors to implement best practice security policies, processes and procedures and understand security threats in order to address security risk. We enhance this with the development of good governance throughout our clients organisations to deliver long-term resilience. They have provided services to the UK financial services sector and most recently have been engaged by a number of private healthcare providers in the UK as their resident data privacy and protection advisors.

Over the last two years Assentian have worked with their partners to develop proof-of-concept blockchain applications, work with crypto asset management funds and become part of the fintech blockchain ecosystem resulting six months ago in a spin-out lab focusing on innovation in blockchian and crypto assets. They are involved in the United Kingdom Government Working Group on the application of ‘Distributed Ledger Technologies in Healthcare’, were contributors to the UK Government paper on ‘Blockchain for Public Good’ and are current members of the whitechapel think tank founded by Barclays to explore the potential of blockchain in financial services and for public good. Personnel of Assentian are involved in International Standards work on Information Security, Governance and Big Data.


BetterPoints™ is an award winning Behaviour Change Technology company that delivers incentive-led motivational programmes in the areas of Health and Wellbeing and Sustainability in partnership with Local Authorities, Council councils, NHS Trusts and CCGs and public and private transport organisations. BetterPoint programmes are driven by a Behavioural change management platform, comprising of a programme-customisable app, web portal, administration system and an application programming interface (API). This system, when combined with proprietary behavioural change / incentive management approaches delivers evidenced data-led, locally branded, incentivized behavioural change programmes that result in demonstrable and sustainable behaviour changes in physical activity levels, travel mode choices, emotional wellbeing and engagement  societal contribution. Programmes also return measureable strong savings and benefits to local government, transport, healthcare, corporates, insurers and local communities.

BetterPoints has joined the PCCC as it believes that the PCCC is seeking to enhance the ability of innovative health-related SMEs firms to collaborate and innovate within UK health and social care systems and organisations.


CitizenMe’s mission is to democratise human data, by unlocking its value for individual digital citizens. Their app lets citizens collect their data from different areas of their digital lives into a single place, and gives them different types of value for it. CitizenMe then connects these individuals with organisations, who can request a range of digital data, such as app usage and social media data, to be integrated alongside survey questions. Citizens exchange data in real time, meaning organisations get insights in minutes, not weeks. It is the first data company not to store any data, with all user data stored on their smartphones, meaning organisations can humanise their insights and drive change in an ethical way. Our mission is to enable digital citizens to realise and unlock the value of their personal data, and we are already seeing people take control of what they are sharing with the CitizenMe app. We see healthcare as an area where personal data can be used to have a huge and meaningful impact for patients and citizens in their day-to-day lives. We believe the CitizenMe platform can help both citizens and organisations achieve this. This could be done by providing highly tailored, personal insights about citizens’ current health, future propensity to develop certain illnesses, or suggesting ways to improve their general wellness, thus having a positive effect on communities.

For organisations, if citizens consent to sharing insights with medical researchers, the community as a whole will benefit as researchers can inform research outcomes and liaise with local health authorities, to help guide community health provision priorities. Connected Health Cities is using data for good, as opposed to gain, and this is something that CitizenMe believes is essential if are to establish a thriving data commons for the good of the wider population.

Cloud2 Ltd

Cloud2 work with organisations to help them achieve their digital transformation goals. We streamline organisations’ information, data and processes into one end-to-end digital workspace which accelerates achieving efficiency targets, decision making and boosts productivity.  We offer intranets, analytics, business processes and help customers move to and adopt cloud technologies.  Because our solutions are 80% pre-built and 20% customised, what makes us different is not that we can deliver in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid, but that we do it fast, cost-effectively and tailored to our customers’ needs.  Coupling our deep understanding of our markets and a passion for our customers’ success, we get them going in weeks not years.

Cloud 2 joined the PCCC because we would think the Connected Health Cities is worthy of our support. Furthermore, one of our core business principles is `Paying It Forward’ i.e. we will help the NHS because we can and we trust it will benefit us in due course.


cloud2: reducing outpatient wait times by 60% in Rotherham, South Yorkshire


d-Wise have helped life science and healthcare clients worldwide to implement robust, reliable, and compliant data infrastructures that are optimized for analytics and decision support. We believe that the task of modernizing existing systems need not be complex. We have proven methodologies that will facilitate the selection and implementation of technology within your organization and allow you to extract the value you require from your data and systems.

We joined the PCCC for the potential to share in projects that make a difference to health and social care, while also. to raise the profile of d-Wise within this area and contribute to growing d-Wise in UK and Europe

We want to work with the PCCC to access not only the NHS but the likes of BUPA, Nuffield and private hospitals. The models we have in the US are applicable in the UK and the CHC could potentially offer  access to allow for validation of these models. Real World Evidence is progressing further, the other member companies are important and the access we get may be of use to get contacts, trials, opportunities in this space.

Galen Research

Galen Research is the leading patient reported outcome (PRO) measurement company which develops “Quality of Life” instruments, which are used by 17 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies in their phase II-IV clinical trials and by health researchers worldwide. The company creates condition-specific measures for chronic diseases that go beyond symptom and functioning limitations to assess how a disease and its interventions impact the things of most importance to a population. Thus our instruments are capable of measuring the patient value gained from clinical and non-clinical treatments or combinations of both. Equally, they can be used to determine whether improvements to symptoms or functioning resulting from an intervention translate into anything of benefit to patients. For example, our QoL-AGHDA instrument is used by the NHS to assess whether the value patients receive from growth hormone drugs is sufficient to merit continued treatment.

Some key features of measures are:

·      full range of parametric statistical tests to be used with the data.

·      The measures are developed to use the language of the patient rather than the clinician, allowing for better understanding and patient centric evidence.

·      Simple to administer and adapt for ePRO usage. Instruments can be co-calibrated to allow health providers to compare the impact of spend on patients’ QoL with different conditions.

Galen joined the PCCC in order to collaborate with other organisations to develop novel solutions to current NHS and UK healthcare problems.

GE Healthcare Partners

GE Healthcare Partners is a person-centred, relationship-focussed consultancy, with sector experts – dedicated to improving people’s health and wellbeing through the clients we serve.

With over 85 health and social care specialists we combine the agility, independent-thinking and responsiveness of an independent consultancy of 21 years’ standing, with GE’s scale, world class leadership, innovation and technology base and are uniquely placed to meet our clients evolving needs.

GE Healthcare Partners is actively working across the NHS to help achieve the Five Year Forward Plan through new models of care.  The PCCC offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with Connected Health Cities, other commercial organisations, CCGs, ACSs, and care providers, including the third sector to better understand today’s challenges and jointly develop and test solutions.


Company profile coming soon.

Health Fabric

Health Fabric enables people to improve their health and wellness through self-management and behaviour change which is supported remotely by coaching with health and wellness professionals. Users access a range of digital self-help plans and are rewarded for their compliance and engagement through several incentives.

Health Fabric Joined the PCCC as it is committed to working collaboratively to solve healthcare challenges with the connected health cities programme.

Case study: Citizens Driving Health Transformation

Helicon Health

Helicon® Health designs and implement technology solutions supporting precise, personal and proven models of care using digital technologies. Helicon focus on detection and protection from cardiovascular diseases and the environment. Patient selfcare is central to all Helicon® programmes. Helicon® programmes encompass stroke prevention; workforce health and healthy ageing.  We design for behaviour change supported by clinicians, communities and technology. Using agile design; electronic health records; algorithms and devices we design and implement precise, personal and proven population health at scale. “We are convinced that Connected Health Cities (CHCs) will improve health services for patients in North England”

Tony Bowden, Chief Executive Officer, Helicon Health.


Holm offer a new kind of home care service, simplifying the process of finding the right carer. They have years of experience within social care, and they understand the difficulties in finding the perfect carer. Holm is committed to improving homecare for everyone. Whether you’re buying care for yourself, a loved one, or providing care, they believe that you should be treated with care and respect.


Imosphere has worked with complex health and social care data for over 25 years, delivering thought leading solutions to help transform care in the NHS, the USA and mainland Europe. These include:

·         Atmolytics, our next generation ‘self-service’ data discovery and visualisation platform.

·         Our ‘data science’-based Resource Allocation System for personal budgets, used by over 50 councils and CCGs.

·         The Care Partner population health management platform.

·         Over 100 nationally-used assessment tools and PROMs.

We work closely with leading clinical research institutions in the UK, Europe and US, including the University of Manchester, NCMH, Imperial, King’s and UCL; Karolinska Institute; and Meharry Medical College and UC Irvine in the US.

We are excited to be part of the next wave of change in health and social care. We believe the PCCC can help accelerate transformation and that the NHS will benefit from the partnerships, collaborations and innovation that will emerge.


Company profile coming soon.


ORCHA are the worlds largest reviewed health app library. This library has been built so patients, professionals and the public can easily search, compare, recommended, and downloaded the best health apps through our easy to use platform. Our thorough reviews and simple scoring system also highlight functional capabilities of the apps making it easier to confidently and quickly compare and choose the best apps.  www.orcha.co.uk

ORCHA work with Commissioners and Health and Care Providers at regional and local level to develop health app portals which integrate with local systems and strategies. This allows professionals and services easy and clear access to a verified resource allowing them to enhance services and outcomes by finding and recommending the best apps to patients.

ORCHA’s vision is to revolutionise health and care provision through the full integration of digital health solutions into all aspects of health and care support and provision. We believe that digital health products are one of the major weapons in the fight that all advanced health systems face, to provide support for an ever ageing population with more complex long term conditions.

Endorsed nationally by the NHS with a wide array of NHS clients, our aim is to help remove the barriers that currently inhibit the true potential of digital health solutions and prevent the wider spread adoption of great products and services by end users, health and care professionals and health and care systems.

Our aim is to create a new global market place dedicated to health and care Apps. This aims to ensure that a commercially sustainable foundation is established to support the creation of the next generation of health and care Apps and digital services that will truly revolutionise the world of health and care. ORCHA has joined CHCs PCCC as we believe that this mission will be met by working collaboratively with key organisations and company’s who will together drive a real digital health revolution.


1.       General Practice safely unlocks the power of health apps – The practice identified health apps, as a branch of treatment, can bring improvements. The right apps, when integrated into practice correctly, can make a big difference.

2.       Pupils put their mobiles to good use – Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria has rolled out an education programme, Digital Healthy Schools, for more than one thousand pupils in twenty secondary schools across the region.

3.       Digital supplement for eating disorder service – “The ORCHA platform includes in-depth evaluations of health apps, enabling the team to find safe and effective apps to help a patient, and the tools to prescribe them”.

4.       Health apps for healthy schools in Essex – Essex County Council, and ORCHA came together recognising the need to develop a different model of health care delivery for a new digitally active generation; one that embeds a pro-active approach to ‘looking after your own health from an early age’.

5.       Driving mHealth uptake in Lancashire – the challenge of making mHealth accessible across the disparate communities

Red Ninja

Red Ninja work with a wide variety of healthcare professionals, from doctors and nurses in hospitals, to therapists and caregivers in the community. Our solution process is centred around working with all those impacted by the issue, taking time to listen to and understand both the needs of healthcare professionals and end users, co-creating solutions with a lasting positive impact. We believe in developing and applying technology which really enhances the lives of both end users and service providers, across all areas of healthcare, from shortening the journey times of ambulances to empowering people to manage their mental health. We achieve this through a range of technology, such as the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, and deliver these across a multitude of platforms, such as mobile applications and wearable technology.

We are interested in CHC, because we believe in the power of data to save lives and can see the potential for the North of England to lead this agenda.


Rescon is a health and social care technology company, founded in 2011, focused on helping people lead healthier lives.  Their at market CE Marked Medical Device Lincus software platform has been developed iteratively with end users and those that support them since 2013.

Rescon wishes to extend this iterative needs focused development within Connective Health Cities ecosystem and beyond by working collaboratively with organisations, end users and local communities.

Research Hug


Smartlife is a Manchester-based company which has developed innovative textile sensors, electronics and firmware that are capable of detecting the body’s biophysical signals and delivering actionable insight via mobile apps.  Its patent-protected technology can be integrated into any close-fitting clothing and has applications across sectors as diverse as Sport, Wellbeing, Healthcare, Military, and Workwear. Our USPs of comfort, discreetness, and affordability mean easy and versatile adoption of the technology without barriers.

The PCCC and CHC programme is an exciting opportunity for Smartlife to contribute to the development of next generation healthcare and improve healthcare outcomes in its home, the North of England.

Sundown Solutions

Sundown Solutions are a high end Office 365 consultancy and development practice that specialise in creating cutting edge applications for the private and public cloud.  They use the latest techniques and development practices to produce world class solutions and currently lead the way in IT Healthcare innovation.  Their current products and services portfolio include the award winning BedStateTracker, using Blockchain, a national care home occupancy tracking system that allows CCGS, Councils and STPs to interface with care home providers nationally and has a very keen interest in helping solve the current DToC situation  and the upcoming HomeCareTracker.

Since the  launch of the BedStateTracker in 2015, Sundown Solutions have become familiar with  the  innovation cycles within  many NHS bodies. As such they have seen many different ways that could help improve the adoption of innovation within the NHS and want to share these key lessons with a collective body that can learn from them.  Sundown solutions created a visual map between borders for its customers and could immediately see the benefit of collaborating with Connected Health Cities Data really does save lives… #DataSavesLives

The Sollis Partnership Ltd

Sollis have delivered insights from health and care data to support clinical teams and healthcare managers deliver better patient care. Working with the NHS since 1994 we can justifiably say that we are part of the NHS family. With data and intelligence delivered through our Clarity Health Analytics platform, our health and care partners are transforming the way they provide care to the patients and populations they serve. We deliver analytics software and services that help our health and care partners make the very best informed and evidence-based decisions; decisions that help them deliver optimal care to their local populations. We deliver informatics and analytics that supports system planning, needs assessment, quality and clinical outcome measurement, opportunity analysis, assurance and evaluation. Our analytics offer also supports care co-ordination, risk and impactability models and includes risk stratification, impactability modelling and population segmentation.

The opportunity which the PCCC presents – to work as part of the CHC programme, focusing on the use of data and technology to improve patient lives – is an ideal fit with Sollis, who has similar ethos and aims as CHC. Everything we do as a company is driven by a philosophy that we need to be part of something that makes things better; better for our customers and better for the citizens and patients that they serve

We are wholly focused on the delivery of insights that will help deliver a sustainable and transformed health and care system.

Our value proposition is simple. Expert people and advanced health analytics reveal insights from complex data that enable you to make better decisions for the patients and populations you serve.