Industry opportunities

Pre-Competitive Collaborative Consortium (PCCC) for the health ICT Industry

The Pre-Competitive Collaborative Consortium (PCCC) will provide a structured mechanism for collaboration with large industry and SME partners across the range of interests and opportunities presented by the CHC programme, offering tiered access and support in a clearly defined framework.

Information day and pre-launch

The PCCC pre-launch meeting for the health ICT sector took place in Manchester on May 22nd. The day was an opportunity to discuss all elements of the PCCC and industry contributions to it. Speakers on the day included:

  • John Ainsworth (Director, Connected Health Cities)
  • Iain Buchan (Director, Health eResearch Centre)
  • Hakim Yadi (CEO, Northern Health Science Alliance)
  • Dipak Kalra (Director of External Affairs, Connected Health Cities)

The meeting agenda can be found here as well as the presentation slides.

A synopsis of the day’s discussions is available here.

CHC is a £20M pilot project funded by the Department of Health across four city regions in the North of England. Its mission is to safely demonstrate innovations in care delivery that lead to improved health for citizens, more effective health and care services, growth of clinical research capability and stimulation of the North of England’s economy.

The health ICT industry is a vital partner to achieving this mission. The PCCC will offer co-creation opportunities for companies wishing to innovate in the design, implementation, demonstration and validation of eHealth and mHealth solutions. Those involved in the PCCC will:

  • Work with care improvement champions to shape ICT innovations within the city regions, and have confidence in their adoption
  • Engage with patients and the public in the design, testing and adoption of mHealth and pHealth solutions
  • Gain early insights into the strategic direction of future care services
  • Co-design procurement and adoption enablers with leading experts
  • Collaborate to validate analytics and algorithms
  • Benefit from engagement in funded care pathway improvement projects
  • Establish reference sites delivering value to many stakeholders
  • Generate evidence of health and economic value
  • Have early access to new market opportunities

The objective of the PCCC for ICT is to overcome the traditional barriers within health technology research, innovation, procurement, and delivery, thereby creating a responsible and vibrant market that rapidly applies technology to improve health.

Additional benefits include the reduction of R&D expenditures and opportunity costs, the sharing of resources (such as platforms, tools and analytics) and learnings from all parties, and creating a structure to enable the sharing of overall group opportunities and risks.