At Connected Health Cities, we believe that working with partners who are excelling in the field in digital health will accelerate the development of new and improved treatment and services for the citizens of the North of England.  As well as key partners in the NHS, local authorities and charities, we will also work with companies producing healthcare products and services.

Connected Health Cities will work in partnership, sharing skills and knowledge to make sure that new health innovations are effective, safe and efficient in improving the care provided to the citizens in the North of England.  Our partners can access advice from our teams of expert developers and test out new technologies using anonymous and secure health data.

Together, we can ensure that new health innovations are developed quickly and efficiently, and provide benefits to citizens using health and social care services.  Building on our region’s vibrant digital economy, we aim to make the North of England a world-leader in digital health and stimulate the local economy through inward investment and job creation.

The partners that we choose to work with must be committed to acting to benefit the health and social care of our citizens. We will make sure that we work in secure ways that protect everyone’s data privacy and we will always work within the law.  We will not pass health data on to third parties and we will not make money off your personal information. The results from the partnerships initiative will be published here as soon as we are able.

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