Masterclass: Health Economics Workshop

Group CHC Hub
13 Dec 13 Dec

Health eResearch Centre, The University of Manchester, Portsmouth Street, Manchester, M13 9GB

Thursday 13 Dec 18 - Thursday 13 Dec 18 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

This workshop aims to equip participants with the knowledge about how to decide for a specific type of an economic evaluation and which types and sources of data you need. You will first get an introduction to health economics, the different types of economic evaluations, including their pros and cons, measuring outcomes and health related quality of life, how to undertake an economic evaluation, and how to use for example Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) for an economic evaluation.

Developed by an experienced team member in conjunction with the Health eResearch Centre and Connected Health Cities programme at The University of Manchester, the workshop will provide an engaging learning experience that will give you the possibility to learn fundamental principles and concepts of designing and running an economic evaluation and the important role of health data. The workshop will be led by Dr Alexander Labeit, a Health eResearch Centre (HeRC) staff member, physician and economist.

This workshop is free to attend.

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