Our Public Engagement

Our Public Forum

A cornerstone of Connected Health Cities activity is to work with the public to raise awareness and build trust for the sharing of health data for research. Each CHC region adopts a different mechanism for achieving this and here in GM we have a Public Forum designed to inform our research to ensure patients are at the heart of everything we do.

The GM CHC Public Forum consists of 12 public contributors who advise and support GM CHC colleagues on how to involve the public in discussions about data sharing. The forum bring knowledge from a variety of backgrounds including retail, the civil service and higher education.

The group meet four times a year to discuss a range of topics including:

  • Public attitudes on health data sharing
  • Accessibility of communications content for a public facing audience
  • How best the GM CHC can engage with the public

At the most recent Public Forum meeting in December 2017, the group discussed the acceptability of GM CHC collaborating with industry and sharing de-identifiable data with commercial organisations. The forum felt that working with industry was acceptable if the benefits were in the public interest and we are open with the public on how the data is used.

To find out more information about the GM CHC Public Forum contact our Public Engagement Lead Jo Hobbs (jo.hobbs@manchester.ac.uk).

Public Engagement Events

As well as our Public Forum we have an active events calendar designed to get out and open up dialogue with the public to share our #datasaveslives message. In 2017 we attended the Bluedot Festival & Manchester’s Caribbean Carnival as well as holding library sessions across GM to raise awareness for the over prescribing of antibiotics in primary care and organising a debate on the use of mental health data for research. Check out our events page to find out about any planned activity for 2018.