CityMoves with Nokia

CityMoves is a citizen science project that was set up by CHC to answer a research question: does increasing your step count reduce your resting heart rate?

Resting heart rate is the number of times your heart beats per minute when it is at complete rest. It is a good indication of how your heart becomes stronger as you get fitter.

We know that intense exercise, like marathon running, will reduce your resting heart rate.  We know less about how well moderate exercise such as walking can cause this reduction.

This has never been investigated on a large scale, which is what we are trying to do with CityMoves.  So if you participate, you will use your smartphone or Nokia tracker to automatically count your steps and every week you will measure your resting heart rate.

As well as the science, CityMoves will also let CHC explain to the citizens taking part how it uses data for research and for NHS service improvement. The types of data that you can provide through becoming involved in CityMoves enables us to answer important research questions.

CHC has commissioned Nokia to deliver our CityMoves initiative.  Moreover, data collected by the Nokia Health Mate app are anonymised. No personal data is shared with CityMoves or any third-party organization

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