About our Public Engagement

Public engagement and public involvement are central to the work of Connected Health Cities (CHC).

Dr Lamiece Hassan (Connected Health Cities) joined Wendy Harrison (Deputy Head of Corporate Information Governance, NHS) & Rebecca Nichells (Communications Lead for Informatics, NHS Leeds CCG Partnership) to explore the legalities, issues and moral challenges surrounding patient data access and control. Learn about the risks and benefits of Information Governance, why engagement with the public is so important, how we engage, and how data is used.

Our public engagement

Public engagement and public involvement are central to the work of Connected Health Cities (CHC). By this, we mean that we will be setting up multiple ways that we can:

  • inform our citizens in the North of England about what we are doing
  • consult with our citizens about what we could and should be doing
  • work together with our citizens to deliver our objectives

What we are currently doing

You can find publicly accessible summaries of our planned work to improve care pathways in the four CHCs here. When we know about the results of this work, we will publish them openly on the website.

In November 2016  we ran two citizens’ juries to learn more about what citizens in the North of England think about CHC. We wanted to explain more about the project and understand whether the ways in which we plan to use patient data are acceptable to the public. A four-day citizens’ jury gave people the time to understand, and to think carefully about, what we are doing. See here for the full results and views of the people who took part.

Each CHC will involve local citizens in the work they are doing.  For example, they may do this by having a forum made up of ordinary citizens from their local area.  The role of these citizens will be to provide advice and guidance to the CHC staff on the work that they are doing.  We will advertise opportunities for joining patient forums or other ways of getting involved in the work of local CHCs over the coming months.

If you are on Twitter, you can follow our account @CHCNorth. You can also follow the conversation about how using health data can make a real difference to people’s lives using #datasaveslives.

We are planning more activities over the coming months and we will advertise them widely, so watch this space.