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The Greater Manchester Connected Health City (GM CHC) is a digital health programme that will use data to improve the pace of progress in local health services.

By sharing and linking data the GM CHC will enable health and social care providers to coordinate their activities across the region.

The devolution of Greater Manchester’s health and social care budget creates a unique opportunity for the region to deliver more effective and efficient healthcare. ┬áThe GM CHC intends for all citizens to receive the same high standard of care no matter where they live or which services they access.

The GM CHC will sit within the Health Innovation Manchester (HinM) organisation who provide the data-engine that powers GM devolution.

The project will bring together key partners from across the health and social care ecosystem in a shared commitment to improve health services for patients.

The GM CHC will access the Trustworthy Research Environment (TRE) facility that is based at The University of Manchester’s Health eResearch Centre (HeRC) and incorporate information from the Datawell.

Working with the public

Update on the GM CHC public forum

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