Aims and Objectives

Group CHC Hub

The Connected Health City training and education’s main aim is to equip the healthcare workforce with the digital, analytical, contextual and management/leadership skills to improve the conversation between individual professionals and groups.

The key objectives for workforce development:

  1. Promote understanding of digital health roles and skills to professionals and the wider public through the creation of a ‘learning health system’ Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
  2. Influence and contribute to the national conversation around professional standards for the health and social care informatics workforce by running professional ‘select committees’ to investigate its importance and set priorities.
  3. Share best practice and knowledge across CHC regions by hosting network events such as action-learning workshops
  4. Develop digital health skills in the current and future workforce through a co-ordinated programme of Continued Professional Development courses to compliment Masters level programmes.
  5. Cultivate research skills through doctoral training and joint knowledge transfer activities
  6. Link with schools to encourage health informatics professional sustainability in the long-term

Each Connected Health City region will also deliver activities for their local region, but with a view to its application across all regions.