Training & Education Overview

Group CHC Hub

Integral to the success of a connected health city (‘learning health system’) is the development of a capable ‘information savvy’ and ‘digital ready’ workforce who are able to understand messages uncovered from the vast array of health and social care data.

The Connected Health Cities programme is working towards an integrated strategy to develop the digital and data skills of the current workforce whilst promoting the development of the next generation.  This activity feeds into national initiatives such as the National Information Board’s work focused on developing a health informatics profession, and informatics skills for allied professionals such as clinicians.

The Connected Health Cities Workforce Development Group (chaired by Dr Georgina Moulton) combines the expertise from NHS, industry and academic sectors to be able to work coherently and effectively across all four Connected Health City regions.  We work in conjunction with other programmes that also look to develop capacity across academia (e.g. the Farr Institute) and the NHS (e.g. Informatics Skills Development Network) to increase the coverage and maximise the impact of our work.  We also work closely with the Patient and Public Involvement group to ensure we also increase the awareness of the uses of data and skills to help patients and public to understand their own data.


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