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What is #DataSavesLives?

#DataSavesLives is a public engagement campaign that is design to highlight the positive ways that patient data is securely re-used to improve health services.

Why do we need #DataSaveslives?

  • Our NHS is under pressure
  • As a population we are living longer and have more complex health needs
  • The cost of providing high quality health care is increasing.  Services are struggling to keep up with the demands placed on them

Connected Health Cities is a new initiative that allows health services across the North of England to better meet the needs of patients.

Using data and technology we will:

  • Improve the health of people across the North England
  • Help prevent serious health conditions by providing targeted support for at-risk patients
  • Re-organise treatments, care services and relevant patient data to support the needs of local communities
  • Turn under-used patient data into new information, creating a more joined-up, responsive health and social care system

Our mission is to improve the health of patients.

How it works:

  • Information is created every time you access a health service in the UK.  This information is confidential and controlled by strict privacy laws
  • By removing your personal information (name, full address and date of birth) your patient data become de-identified
  • This de-identified information from different health and social care services can be linked.  This allows researchers to see the full picture and the patient experience as a whole
  • The linked data can be analysed to provide new insights into the way that patients use and access services.  Services can be re-organised so that they better meet the needs of people
  • The data works harder for patients.  Each time a patient is treated information is securely re-used to create better, more bespoke treatments.


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