CityMoves with Nokia

CityMoves was Connected Health Cities (CHC) big, public research project, set up to answer a research question: does increasing your step count reduce your resting heart rate?

Delivered in partnership with Nokia, the 8-week CityMoves challenge and research study involved 1,900 public volunteers from across CHC’s four northern city-regions.

In total, participants clocked-up over 600 million steps and over 480,000 kilometers between the  23 October – 21 December 2017.

In a closely run competition, the Greater Manchester region was declared the overall winner with participants from Connected Yorkshire coming a close second.

Alongside the activity challenge, participants were also encouraged to regularly record their resting heart rate using the CityMoves in-app recorder.  The data collected will now be used by researchers at The University of Manchester to better understand the relationship between heart rate and activity.

Resting heart rate is the number of times your heart beats per minute when at complete rest and can be a good indicator of how healthy you are.  Findings will be posted here on the CHC website once the research study is complete.

As well as the study, CityMoves also promoted the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and explained how CHC uses data for research and NHS service improvement.

CHC commissioned Nokia to deliver the CityMoves initiative.  Moreover, data collected by the Nokia Health Mate app was anonymised and no personal data was shared with any third-party organization.

For more information please visit the CityMoves website