What we do

Connected Health Cities accelerates the pace of progress in health and social care services by safely using data and technology to identify health improvements and quickly implementing them into standard practice.

We will work together to share learning across the North of England about best practices in treatment and the delivery of care.  We will promote the highest quality of care using the latest scientific evidence.  This will include evidence that we will derive from North of England citizens and North of England health services.

Our collaboration will accelerate research into both new and improved treatment (including into new medicines, medical devices and health apps) and how to improve services by getting research findings into practice.

By accelerating research, we aim to foster investment into research and product development in the North of England.

We will work with our key partners to analyse healthcare data, from across the North of England, in secure ways that protect everyone’s data privacy.  We will be able to generate new insights, such as looking to reduce falls in elderly people, helping to spot alcohol misuse at an earlier stage and cutting the inappropriate use of antibiotics.

These analyses will only be undertaken by organisations committed to acting to benefit the health and social care of our citizens.  All of the results from the CHC initiative will be published openly.

All of our activities will be overseen by an independent governance board whose findings will always be published transparently.