Connected Health Cities looks back on IG success

Posted on the 6th June 2019

As the initial three year funding period for Connected Health Cities is drawing to a close, projects have been collating their achievements. As a follow up to last week’s popular article about the workshops showcasing the CHC IG approach, we are pleased to be able to share with you the final report written by the IG Manager of GM CHC.

The report draws on successful collaborations with the Trustworthy Research Environment, Opioids, Stroke, and Musculoskeletal epidemiology projects. It also presents some visualisations of the paths to data access using an approach developed by colleagues in the University of Manchester’s Division of Informatics, Imaging, and Data Science. As always there are plenty of external links for you to find out more, and an appendix of extras. Happy reading!

Download your free copy of Enabling Data Flows in Greater Manchester Connected Health City below.

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