CHC proposes new Code of Practice for data use

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Posted on the 25th June 2019

Connected Health Cities has proposed a new Code of Practice for the conduct of research using data held in CHC Trustworthy Research Environments, which might be undertaken by public or private research organisations.

The four CHC regions have generated repositories of anonymised data derived from health and care organisations, patients and citizens in their area of the North of England. This data is kept and used securely using CHC’s Trustworthy Research Environments, a set of secure data analytics facilities.

Since its inception, CHC has worked with industry partners to produce new findings from this data.
Throughout its work with industry, CHC has taken measures to make sure that its data is being used in ways that will deliver the maximum benefits to the health and social care of its citizens. This work includes the ICT Industry Consortium, which combines CHC’s large clinical, academic and industry stakeholder expertise to tackle problems in health technology research, innovation, procurement, delivery and sustainability.

Now, CHC’s new Code of Practice specifies how its data should be used and the purposes of its use, from quality improvement across the North of England to fostering Learning Health Systems. It aims to establish a common code of practice and rules for reusing health data for research.

This Code of Practice is currently being widely shared with the aim of encouraging review and feedback from health data research communities.

If you would like to get involved, read the Code of Practice and find out how to give your feedback here.

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