How to prevent Information Governance being a barrier to your project

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Posted on the 21st May 2019

Guest post by Emily Griffiths, Information Governance Manager at Manchester Connected Health City

You may have heard people claim that “Information Governance delayed my project”. There can be surprise that some steps are needed or that some steps take a long time.

We set out to reduce these nasty surprises by sharing what we learnt from Connected Health Cities. Sharing knowledge can help other projects progress more efficiently. By embedding Information Governance in project plans early, you can prevent time-consuming problems and maximise the benefits from your project. But in practice how can these considerations be implemented?

We designed a workshop for those from the wider region to get to grips with learning from Connected Health Cities. Having built and followed a framework over three years for Connected Health Cities projects, we wanted to share our methods with others managing health research projects. We received so many bookings and such a positive response that we offered the workshop a second time!

The workshop was structured around three steps:

  1. Identify what data is necessary and available to achieve your purpose.
  2. Find out what approvals, assurance and agreements you need to access data.
  3. Develop a plan for you to achieve all the governance requirements.

In the workshop the group explored these three steps by answering ten easy questions:

Groups followed these ten questions using one of the case studies produced about a realistic project. We gave a couple of mini-lectures on legal or regulatory issues that can be quite confusing and to provide base knowledge for the group exercises. We also included snippets of the CHC glossary to clarify what can often seem to be “geek speak”.

The workshops were very well received with the majority of participants scoring the events as ‘good’ and ‘excellent’, and we hope that by sharing the materials even more people can benefit from the CHC approach. A visual summary of the feedback can be found below, or the full sheets can be downloaded here.

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