GM CHC and Public Health England launch GP dashboard to help tackle antibiotic resistance

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Posted on the 22nd February 2019

Experts from the Greater Manchester Connected Health City project (GM CHC) at The University of Manchester and Public Health England have launched a dashboard which supports GPs and Primary Care professionals in optimising antibiotic prescribing.

The GP dashboard uses anonymised health data to allow GPs and healthcare professionals to compare their own antibiotic prescribing patterns with national and regional figures. Health care practitioners are also able to identify patients considered to be at high-risk of developing infection related complications, helping decisions on whether or not an antibiotic prescription is needed.

The data driven insights also show which antibiotics are being issued for common infections, and the proportion of these prescriptions that deviate from the recommended guidelines, allowing users to track practice improvements over time.

Funded by the Department of Health, the GP dashboard is a free tool currently available to GPs and Practice Managers in Greater Manchester, with a national rollout planned in the coming months.

Professor Tjeerd van Staa, Lead Researcher from the Greater Manchester Connected Health City Antibiotic resistance project said:

“In order to tackle antibiotic resistance, it is crucial that we start to optimise antibiotic prescribing. The dashboard provides GPs with a data-driven understanding of their practice’s prescribing behaviours, along with the opportunity to compare their data with regional and national prescribing trends.”

“The dashboard enables clinicians to use this feedback data to help optimise their prescribing, by identifying patients at high-risk of developing infection-related complications so that they can take this information into account when making treatment decisions. By using these detailed analytics, clinicians can ensure that antibiotics are being issued to the patients who really need them.”


For further information about the dashboard, please visit the GM CHC Antibiotic Resistance project web page. 

If you’re not a GP but you’re interested in learning more about the drivers which impact Antibiotic Prescribing across the UK, you can access the National Antibiotic Prescribing dashboard, which provides an overview of the UK’s antibiotic prescribing profile.

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