Sharing Data Safely: How GM CHC uses the Information Sharing Gateway

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Posted on the 18th October 2018

The Information Sharing Gateway (ISG) is a sharing framework which is continually improved and developed by a wide range of Information Governance specialists from public and private sector organisations.

Data security is a key priority for Greater Manchester Connected Health City (GM CHC) and the ISG is one of the many innovative digital tools that we use to maximise the safety of our data sharing.

How does GM CHC use the ISG?
The ISG facilitates safe data sharing between project teams, whilst offering checklists to help users to create, manage, risk assess, store and sign sharing agreements. GM CHC research teams use the ISG to work collaboratively in a secure environment and to streamline important work processes. Once the simple checklists have been completed, data sharing can be approved at the click of a button thus removing the need to circulate cumbersome paper copies of approval documents. The Information Sharing Gateway has undergone a full review in line with GDPR regulations by IG specialists and has undergone a review by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). It provides organisations with the necessary tools to help them work in a way that is compliant with GDPR and NHS Data Protection Regulations

“The ISG has features for which enable users to check which organisations you’re collaborating with, upload associated documents, and risk assessment and privacy notice sections to help you comply with GDPR and NHS regulations.”
Dr Emily Griffiths, Information Governance Manager (GM CHC)

By using the ISG, GM CHC research teams are able view important project information and supporting documents in one secure environment; a factor which is crucial to ensure our adherence to the recommendations provided by The University of Manchester’s Information Governance Office registration.

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