Innovations in Responsible Research with Health Data: Event Report

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Posted on the 23rd October 2018

On 5th October, more than 60 colleagues from across the University of Manchester attended ‘Innovations in Responsible Research with Health Data’ at CityLabs. The event was organised by Greater Manchester Connected Health City, the Digital Health Research Domain and the FBMH Strategic Funding Team. The aim of the day was to inform researchers about a range of new services and support available for responsible research with health data.

Professor Niels Peek and Dr Emily Griffiths welcomed attendees (slides available here) and introduced the Digital Health domain, which has been highlighted by FBMH as a key strategic research area designed to drive large-scale interdisciplinary research projects and collaboration. Attendees were given information on how best to engage with the Digital Health domain, and how to best make use of the activities and opportunities that it presents, e.g. ensuring that their Pure research profile clearly demonstrates their involvement by featuring ‘Digital Health’ as a keyword.

The first session focused on IT Facilities and Data Security at the University, which included the following presentations, showcasing examples from:

As part of GM CHC’s presence at the event, Professor Niels discussed GM CHC’s public engagement activities and the insight gained into the public’s perception of health data through events such as Citizens’ Juries. Attendees were also informed about the TRE; a bespoke high security data analytics system available to use for both UoM researchers and external organisations wishing to carry out their health data research in a completely safe and controlled environment. Key GM CHC projects such as the BRIT antimicrobial resistance project, the Stroke project and the Wound Care project have benefitted from using the TRE. If you’d like to find out more about the TRE and how you can use it in your health data research, please visit the HeRC TRE webpage.

Delegates then participated in an interactive group session exploring issues around anonymisation, personal data and special category data. The afternoon session was an opportunity to learn more about Data Management and Ethics, with presentations on:

When asked if there were any parts of the event that proved to be particularly useful, attendees highlighted:
“Understanding that the delivery of responsible research requires a multidisciplinary team.”

“The event provided both practical information about what we should be doing now and interesting examples of what could get involved with in the future.”

“We were given the bigger picture, including helpful reminders of how to handle data as a whole and not as individual data points.”

Thanks to all those who attended and gave feedback.

To find out more about how GM CHC protects health data, please visit the GM CHC website.

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