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Posted on the 31st July 2018


A PhD student at Lancaster University is inviting all NHS clinicians past and present to complete a short survey on their experiences accessing data and using technology as part of their work.

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Helena Tendedez is in the second year of her PhD, funded by the North West Coast Connected Health Cities programme, looking into how digital technology can better support healthcare.

Based at the University’s InfoLab21 in The School of Computing and Communications, Helena is exploring how the use of technology and data can improve the patient experience in the North West chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) pathway.

You do not need to be a respiratory clinician in order to take part in the survey – it is aimed at former and current NHS clinicians, anyone in a patient facing role, for example, consultants, nurses, junior doctors, surgeons, GPs, therapists, etc.

Helena explained: “Gathering as many responses as possible really helps me capture the richest picture possible of how clinicians currently interact with IT systems in their role (from design to use) and their thoughts and concerns on the future of the healthcare domain becoming more digital.

“We are looking for clinicians to recall their experiences of using IT systems in their role (eg. electronic patient records systems, X ray systems, prescription systems – any other clinical system they use in their role) and comment on the training on these systems, if they believe the systems are well designed and meet their needs.

“We’re also asking clinicians to answer questions on data access in their role, how easily they believe they have access to the patient data that they need and data on their service. We end the survey asking respondents for their opinions on the future of digital health.

“The responses collected in this questionnaire will be used in our research which looks at how data supported tools can help respiratory clinicians improve the pathway to care for people with COPD.

“The results will be published in our next paper to discuss the current state-of-the-art technology in relation to IT systems used in the NHS.

“We believe our findings will be of interest to the wider CHC, and considering responses are intending to be national, we are happy to share our findings across CHC as they may help the work of others.”

The deadline to complete the survey is August 15. Please can all clinicians complete the survey and forward to any relevant colleagues. It should take approximately 5-8 minutes to complete.





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