Population Health – one person at a time: using Business Intelligence to shape services

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Posted on the 8th February 2018

The North West Coast Connected Health Cities (CHC) and Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria hosted Population Health – one person at a time in January – to explore how we turn our health data into transformative information.

Aimed at business intelligence (BI) professionals, the event showcased innovation from across the region and explored how we can work together to create, share and use health data to improve outcomes for public and patients, predict need and target resources for future services.

Speakers from both national and international organisations were joined by NHS professionals to present and contribute to panel discussions focusing on the future, clinical intelligence and business intelligence.

Keynote speaker Professor Sumi Helal, Chair of Digital Health at Lancaster University, outlined the future challenges for CHC and how we need to treat patients and the public as true partners, as they have more rights than just privacy when it comes to data sharing – they also have the copyright to the data itself.

From the North West Coast CHC, Professor Tony Marson, Professor of Neurology at University of Liverpool, and Professor Dennis Kehoe, Chief Executive Officer at Aimes Grid Services, illustrated how we can derive actionable insights from healthcare data.

They explained how Aimes is building a large scale cloud infrastructure for interoperable health information exchanges in addition to the North West Coast CHC Data Ark (trusted research environment) which is now up and running. Algorithms have been developed to identify cohorts of patients and mapping is taking place to plot where services are delivered and whether they match geographical need.

One of the highlights of the day was a Business Intelligence World Café interactive session, hosted by Juliette Kumar, Associate Director for Improvement and Education at the Innovation Agency, where delegates were invited to share priorities, progress, pinch points, pride and pleas.

Nick King, Business Development Manager at Lancaster University, said: “It was great to support this workshop. CHC has a core aim to work across trust and service boundaries to unlock the value of data and help healthcare professionals deliver better outcomes and optimise the use of scarce resources.

“That aim is shared by the Lancashire and South Cumbria Change Programme and having such a diverse group spend time with us to share their issues and thoughts and current areas of best practice was fantastic.

“Whilst there is undoubtedly a huge potential for a data to drive a positive contribution to healthcare, ‘good’ can be achieved individually but ‘great’ can be achieved together.”

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