#DataSavesLives @ MCR Caribbean Carnival

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Posted on the 21st August 2017

The #Datasaveslives team were out in full force on Saturday 12th August, engaging the public on the subject of health data and research at Manchester’s annual Caribbean Carnival.

Taking place in Moss Side’s Alexandra Park the team from CHC partnered with the British Science Association, The University of Manchester’s Public Programmes team and the National Grid in a one-day science spectacular.

Working together under the banner of Blast Fest, an organisation who explore Science & Technology through Black Arts & Culture, CHC colleagues specifically discussed the reuse of health data in suitably tropical weather conditions: pouring rain followed by belting sunshine.

Alongside some hands-on and family friendly activities the public participants were asked to vote on two questions related to the sharing and accessing health records:

Responses YES NO
Would you share your health records for research? 342 256
Have you accessed your electronic health records 355 68

Carnival goers responded in favour of sharing their data even if they themselves hadn’t necessarily accessed their own electronic health records.

Reaction to the reuse of de-identified patient data for research was varied with one carnival goer commenting that; “I support research but would like to know ‘what’ research so, if I was kept informed of how and when then I would definitely Yes”.

The team also took the opportunity to delve further into what kinds of research people saw as important or needing further investigation.  Some common disease areas highlighted were:

  • Mental Health (including anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression and dementia)
  • Diabetes
  • Combating loneliness in older people

There were a number of conversations regarding the trust involved in the reuse of data and it was a great opportunity to discuss how Connected Health Cities are working across the North of England to promote how the re-use of health data can have a positive impact on our health.

A Storify capturing the day is available here.

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