#DataSavesLives goes intergalactic at Jodrell Bank’s Bluedot Festival

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Posted on the 18th July 2017

Health data was a surprise hit at Jodrell Bank’s Bluedot festival as thousands of festivalgoers visited the Connected Health Cities #datasaveslives stand.

Taking questions about health data to the people, volunteers from the CHC co-ordinating Hub spent three days talking all things health-tech related in a family-friendly exhibition and public-survey.

Delivered over three days of sunshine in the shadows of the iconic Lovell Telescope, Bluedot fuses science, music and art for over 15,000 curious festivalgoers.  Alongside over 20 other science exhibitors, the CHC reps engaged in conversations about the value of patient data in research with visitors of all ages.

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Situated in the Jodrell Bank’s Star Field, attendees at the #datasaveslives stand were able to take-part in a trio of data-inspired activities ranging from data friendship bracelet making (each thread represented a different data set), to a data-jigsaw and finally an ever-increasing data-chain highlighting the number of pro-data sharing supporters visiting the stand.

Alongside appealing to those with a creative edge, #datasaveslives visitors were also asked to participate in the following survey:

Question Responses Yes No
Would you share your health records for research? 710 655




Have you accessed your electronic health records? 672 144





The Bluedot festival is part of CHC commitment to engage with members of the public about the re-use of patient data for research.  Building on previous #DataSavesLives events and activities the festival exhibition was developed in partnership with public representatives from The University of Manchester’s Health eResearch Centre.

Dr Lamiece Hassan, Public Engagement and Involvement Manager at Connected Health Cities said: “This weekend has been incredible. We have had so many interesting conversations about the use and re-use of patient data; it has been fascinating to hear so many insights, stories and opinions.

“Getting out into the community and attending events like Bluedot is really important to the work we do at Connected Health Cities. We want people to know how their information contributes towards improving public health. Alongside our patient Forums and research projects like the Citizens’ Juries, events like these support an ongoing conversation about acceptable use of patient data for improving health, care and services”.

The CHC Hub team will next be seen at Manchester’s Caribbean Carnival on the 12 & 13th August.

For more information please contact Nina Hayes-Thompson, Communications Officer, Connected Health Cities.  Tel: 0161 306 4325  Email: nina.hayes-thompson@manchester.ac.uk

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