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Posted on the 28th February 2017

News and updates

Our Public Involvement and Engagement Senate was formed following the appointment in April last year of our Patient and Public Involvement Lead, Debbie Parkinson. We have 25 members who attend meetings or contribute and have their say via email. The group has been involved in various projects within the Innovation Agency and wrote the mission statement:

‘Innovation Agency will be an example of best practice in its high quality and effective involvement of patients, carers and members of the public embracing them as critical friends throughout projects we are involved in and the development of innovation.’

Our January Senate meeting was held at Aimes Grid Services on Edge Lane in Liverpool (more information in our April Newsletter) which included a tour of the secure server facilities. Members of the Aimes team explained what they will be doing with anonymised data.

Activities of Members

John Roberts – Chair of PIES

John Black and Kenny Lawler – Involved in interviews for Innovation Agency staff

Sam Omar and John Roberts – Innovation Exchange selection panel members

Keith Wilson – Patient Safety Steering Group member Sam Omar – Reserve for Patient Safety Steering Group

Eula Hersey – Judge for Hackathon

Jim Organ – Representative at PPI AHSN Network Meetings

Andy Lavender – Judge for BMJ Awards 2017

All – Connected Health Cities consultation

The PIE Senate are involved in the consultation for the Connected Health Cities project. The Connected Health Cities pilot project in the North West Coast is being delivered by the Innovation Agency, linked to a hub in Manchester with other ‘spokes’ from the hub being the North East and North Cumbria; Connected Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

Each spoke will be working on pathways to use healthcare data to improve services for patients in Northern England. Our pathways are two that are problems in our North West Coast footprint and are COPD (Cardio Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and alcohol misuse (unplanned hospital care – emergency admissions) The Senate are being kept informed of various aspects of the project so that they can give their input on how the data will be used and how consent should be gained from patients. 

Save the Date! – Next PIE Senate meeting:  Monday 27th March Venue TBC

For more information on the Senate or if you are interested in joining, please contact Debbie Parkinson at or telephone 01772 520250

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