How health data is being used in Bradford

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Posted on the 12th February 2017

At the heart of the Connected Yorkshire programme is data.  Data is the raw material that allows health improvements as part of Connected Health Cities to be made.

Connected Yorkshire brings together information from GP practices in Bradford with information from other parts of the health system, such as Bradford Teaching Hospitals and Bradford Council. This allows the health system to make sure services are more joined up, and helps researchers understand where they can improve care for patients.

The information used by the Connected Yorkshire team is de-identified.  Name, date of birth and address information is removed before leaving the GP’s system and before it is received by researchers.  Patient confidentiality and privacy is protected.

Please see below a leaflet that has been distributed across GP surgeries in Bradford.  The leaflet provides more information about the ways that Connected Yorkshire  plans to use health information to improve health services.

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